Two cups of coffee

25-classic-books-to-readMe and my mom were out shopping all day long – perusing the stores and buying zilch much to the annoyance of the storekeepers.My mom feels that sometimes it’s good to know where things are and their comparative prices at various shops. It may come in handy when you are really in need of something, or so shesays.
People from Madurai would know the fascinating colours of the streets around the Meenakshi Amman Temple and the captivating hollers of the shop boys to take a look at their products. A not so urban city has its unique charm isn’t it? 🙂
It was soon two in the afternoon and we still had to go to the tailor shop. Our stomachs had started protesting against emptiness. My mom had never been to Cafe Coffee Day and we went there for my mother to find out how a simple coffee can be extravagant and costly. We asked our car driver to park for a while and gave him 20 bucks to have something.
We ordered,
  1. Double Cheese veg wrap – 75 Rs
  2. Iced Eskimo – 110 Rs
  3. Cafe Latte Regular – 100 Rs

It totalled roughly to 300 bucks. Pretty high scale for going in there for just coffee. I drank my Iced Eskimo. The sales girl had convinced my mother for an extra topping of whipped cream on her latte. So my mother actually ‘ate’ her coffee with a spoon.

A CCD first timer review – My mom found the whole thing heavy, if you can decipher it. The double cheese, the latte with the tall glasses, the sales people with their extra polished facade and the heavy layered whipped cream was the last straw. I am not exactly sure whether she liked it or not, but I am damn sure that she is never coming back here again. For my mother it was just an experience and not exactly a food outlet.

When we came back to the car, mom asked the driver whether he had something. He replied that there was a tea shop nearby and he had tea and a bun. My mother and I both fell silent. The 300 Rs bill and the 20 Rs that we gave him jarred our conscience. Decadence can be self satisfying when everyone around you is able to afford it. Else, it can give you a deep guilt that you have stolen something that isn’t rightfully yours.

Iced Eskimo is my favourite CCD drink and I would order it without a thought of looking at the cafe menu. But it holds nothing compared to the hot cup of bournvita that my mom hands me after chasing me all through the house to make me drink a cup of milk. Taste + Love = Unbeatable 🙂

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