Top 10 Foods To Avoid like the Plague

We live in an age where foods are not foods. They are food like fancy products that do nothing but harm our body. They just provide ’empty’ calories and also disrupts the normal functioning of our body. Many of you would have already heard about their after effects from our elders, nutritionists or media. If not read about them below. If yes, a little reminder to check these off your diet list.

1. Sugar

An adult human’s daily intake of sugar should be limited to six teaspoons or 24 grams. Even people who refuse sugar in beverages or resist sweets are still bombarded with hidden sugar from many foods.   

Risks – Body requires many vital nutrients like calcium, potassium and magnesium to just digest it. So instead of using the nutrients to the general well being our body uses them for digesting a otherwise useless sugar. It increases irritation and inflammation on skin.It makes you look bloated and puffy. Chronic acne dealers, Beware!! Bad for teeth, digestive organs and causes insulin imbalance. It can in a way be called a drug.

Nutritional value – Nothing

2. Artificial Sweeteners
Most of the artificial sweeteners are made with substances named acesulfame K, aspartame, neotame, saccharin, sucralose. All are synthesized compounds in laboratories. Some of them especially, Aspartame is deemed as the most dangerous substance added to foods. It can be found in sugar-free products, diet sodas etc. These substance inhibit our ability to know the limit for sugar. So what? We are risking obesity here. 

Risks – worsens our insulin sensitivity, larger amounts can cause kidney malfunction. 
3. Frosting
They are the colorful icing on cakes. Their ingredients are just as colorful. Apart from banned food colorings in many countries they contain huge amounts of  trans fats, artificial flavorings, colors, corn syrup and preservatives. The corn syrup is usually made from GMO. Also avoid the Maraschino Cherries (the red cherries on top of cakes). They are colored using red-40 and red-3 dyes. They are simply sugar dens with no nutrition value.

4. Soda
A can of soda is equivalent to same amount with water plus added 10 packets of sugar. All forms of soda are equally dangerous, whether they come in the form of diet or regular. They contain high fructose corn syrup (Again, a GMO), phosphoric acid and plenty artificial colors and flavors.
Risks – Phosphoric acid prevents calcium absorption which is dangerous to all especially women, high insulin sensitivity and can contain high level contaminants like fluoride and chlorine depending on the water used.
Alternative – Drink water!!! 
5. Cereals 
No matter what the companies try to say these so called healthy choice is laden with not so good ingredients. When I was away from home I always used to have a box of these at hand. Sometimes for breakfast or simply munch away during TV nights. Wonder why they keep going down your tummy without any warning of fullness? Sugar  and high gluten content. 
Gluten is the worst enemy for people with sensitive skin. Most of them are made from GMO corn. Packaged oats use sulfuryl fluoride for storage. It is a toxic gas. Those pretty star, moon or circle shapes are made in machines at high temperatures. Pretty much all the nutrients are wasted away in this process. Also to note are the huge amount of artificial colors, preservatives and not so natural banana or strawberry flavors.
Risk – Hidden sugars, nutrient loss, unwanted chemicals and GMO factors.
Alternative – We have our own dosa, idly and chapati which are not so hard to make.
6. Tomato Sauce
Why do we have to avoid sauce when tomatoes are laden with vitamins and iron? They contain loads of hidden refined sugars. Most sugar made from high fructose corn syrup (Read, GMO). They also contain large quantities of preservatives, large quantities of sodium, artificial colors and flavors.
Risk – High levels of sodium causes hypertension, High BP, osteoporosis
Alternative – Make one at home if you crave it.
7. Packaged Cookies
Everyone knows cookies aren’t healthy. But it is a common, if not the favourite, snack. They are usually made with white flour, sugar, oil, and loads of artificial flavors. Always check the label when buying packaged foods items. If it reads partially hydrogenated cooking oil or trans fat put them back and walk away.
Risks – White flour increases blood sugar disorders and causes digestive issues. partially hydrogenated cooking oil increases risk of heart disease, increases bad cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol.
8. Salty Snacks
Salty snacks contains loads of salt 🙂 OK, besides that they are mostly fried and that too with partially hydrogenated oils loaded with trans-fats. We already know what trans-fat does to our body.
Risks – Food with extremely high salt content can damage the arteries and restrict its ability to widen.
9. Fast Foods
This is a big money making machine that has bewitched the consumers into buying more, eating more. They are of course tasty. They are made with contents that trick our mind into thinking that its soo tasty, have some more baby!! Talk about increasing portion size through the years. Burgers are three times bigger than they were 50 years ago.
They are loaded with trans-fat, MSG, sugar, preservatives, GMO corn, chemical additives and lot more. What’s more? The poultry used are usually from intensive animal farms. Those concerned with animal ethics stay away.
Risks – Everything mentioned above
10. Microwave popcorn
Many would have read about the ill effects of non stick crockery. The same chemical named PFOA (perfluooctanoic acid) is used for the lining the bags. Corn itself is not bad, but the ingredients are the villains here. From the oils, emulsifiers (Trans fat) to the butter flavor do no good to our body. The flavor is from a toxic chemical called diacetyl.

Risk – Diacetyl is a known carcinogen. Need to say more?

Smart eating : The earth and our lives are built upon nature which took thousands of years to evolve. The human body and its digestive system is one such evolution. We can’t simply dump our body with factory food simply because its easily available or it has some pretty advertisements. The markets lives to serve us. They produce products that sell. Lets promote healthy foods that makes processed foods out of scope in years to come.

Eat Smart. Promote Healthy Living

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