To Brow Or Not To Brow: A view on Threading

To brow or Not to Brow?

19 years old – My first eyebrow threading experience

I was in the salon for a hair cut. I was asked to wait for my turn. Looking around, the lady on the chair threading her eyebrows seemed much more interesting than the glossy magazines and brochures on the table.
The young lady was grooming her her eyebrows by the salon expert. She looked so composed and the service girl moved about with quick fluid moves.
It was soon over and voila!
Threading really brightened up her face. I was so impressed and curious too to try that on my face. The girl asked me to tighten the skin. The girl with a professional casualness and me with a giddy nervousness. The first swipe.
It hurt. Hurt really bad. Come on! That lady looked so serene that she could have been sleeping on that chair. I was told that first time hurts. I finished that session with puffy eyes from tears that leaked while the girl threaded on mercilessly.
(25 years old)

OUCHHH.. It still hurts and I’ve stopped doing them. I’ve been asked countless times, by men and women alike, on why I don’t groom my brows.

Well, here are the reasons.

  • It hurts
  • I don’t believe that grooming involves tuning your brows to a shape
  • Go Natural!
  • Sometimes, I just don’t bother a bimonthly visit to a salon to wait in line just to hurt myself

The giant prolific cosmetic industry has hoodwinked us to buy a lot, do a lot and use a lot (A lot of which has no use and purpose!!). The personal grooming scene nowadays involves a very complicated network of colorful products and much more convoluted ways to use them. It can set anyone nervous and on edge that you’re going to make a social fiasco somewhere down the lane.

There are plethora of other grooming ideas that have fast penetrated our lives and strangling us. Shaping your nails, unoiled hair and oh God forbid you have a silver hair peeking out!!

You miss something from this complication, somewhere someone is bound to ask you about that.

I agree that grooming your brows looks good. I had done them for my wedding and on the photos it looks awesome. I may do it again someday. Or maybe not.

I’m just not boxing myself into rules created by an hypocritical society, frowning upon age-old traditions in the name of modernity and at the same time bending over backwards to fit into the so-called modern society.
So finally, To brow or not to brow?
My verdict – It’s your call.
Be delightfully glad of however you choose to be prepped up for the day out!!

2 thoughts on “To Brow Or Not To Brow: A view on Threading

  1. nicely written 🙂 yes it is painful but it can instantly change the way you look 🙂 what I do is, after a threading session, i use tweezer to remove the hair that grows later. This way, i can postpone my visits to parlor also pain will be less if i am doing for myself 🙂

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