The Crime Of Affluence

The crime of affluence
Is it a lifestyle of affluence or just a comfortable one? I was tidying up the home before sweeping the floor. There was a piece of paper lying on the floor about 10*10 cm. I asked my mom whether it was a waste or should I save it. She saw that it was a blank paper and threw it back on the floor.

Down memory lane

This incident triggered a memory from long back. As a 10-year-old my summer vacation involved Grandma’s home and day long games. Many a time I would request grandpa white sheets for sketching. What else is childhood without loads of scribbling,huh?

So did I get a sheet from my grandpa? Nope. He would neatly slit an old postal envelope and hand it to me. Growing up with parents who gave neat crisp notebooks or drawing sheets for my childish drawing this honestly seemed petty to me then.
But then what to do? I meekly accepted the given envelope sheet for my sketching.
Thinking about it now, eh, was it so wrong to reuse an envelope that would otherwise be thrown away??  It now makes me think that my grandpa was acting with an age-old wisdom. 

Age old wisdom

The older generation were people who wasn’t exposed to mass production or use and throw practices. They had limited available resources and so were conscious of what they used and how much they used. Their products were built to last. Every little thing that they bought was with a consciousness of its usage. Both my mom’s and mother in law’s wet grinder still functions flawlessly after so 25 plus years of terrific usage. The pretty costly smart phone that I bought 3 years back now freezes all the time. Alas, our generation products are built to be discarded very soon.

We have access to an abundance of products. Shopping malls everywhere. Alluring advertisements beckoning us to buy just one more – just one more. We live in an age where products are being supplanted by new products at a breakneck speed. 

It’s not so bad reusing envelopes, using a fountain pen, buying standard products and taking care of them so as to not replace it with a lousy one. 

New fashion rules have emerged. Handbags must match the attire. Dresses must not be worn at two occasions. Phones, phone cases, shoes, accessories, tabs, cafe, fast food joints and what not. We are literally being bludgeoned by products

Products which are being produced from not so abundant things.  Products which cause plenty of wastage that we simply throw away or politely throw it in the dustbin. Either case it a waste that our mother earth doesn’t know what to do with. 

Every government across the world is trying for maximum literacy rate in their country. But what good is education if you are just going to cut down trees to make more books. Lets use that education to make conscious decisions to help ease the planet’s burden.

There s a difference between luxury and profligacy. A chocolate once in two months is a luxury. Having it every day ‘just because you can’ is simply a crime. There are still people around us who are struggling to meet 1300 calories per day.  Where as we have an affluent lifestyle filling ourselves with food and products and then later hitting the gym to shed the extras. 

Let’s be conscious of our decisions! 

P.S :- (Just so as not to sound like a hypocrite)

I did buy a lot of dresses, accessories and many other stuff. A blog  that I read recently had me thinking about my unwarranted shopping sprees. I have asked my hubby and my mother to rein me in just in case, which they are doing so with great gusto as its light on their pockets 🙂 See, money saved too!!


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