Please drive responsibly – A plea to road racers out there!

Dear racers on roads,

Its the third time I’m hearing it while travelling in bus on the way back home. Each time I hear it I wince, the painful howls of the dog hit by the speeding vehicle drumming my human conscience.

Lets turn on imagination mode shall we? – Just imagine yourselves getting your left leg fractured by a speeding bus: You have to carry your battered body across the road to safety by yourselves, withholding the excruciating pain all the while. No doc to examine or medicate you. No pain killers. No mommy to pamper you with healthy juices.Your body heals at nature’s own time or never heals at all. Pain with you all the time for the rest of your life.

It sounds horrifying isn’t it? Well, at-least to me it does!!

There are many “princess” dogs that are pampered and cared for by their human families. But most dogs that are hit in roads are strays that live on streets, living on fringes of our leftovers (leftovers include food, water and even shade)

According to my conscience those that pass away instantly have better lives than those carrying the scars throughout their pathetic lives.

These intelligent creatures would not have strayed into your Grim Reaper’s road if it had watched us humans follow traffic rules to the hilt. So please don’t carelessly say they irresponsibly strayed into your road and got hit by themselves. We human have encroached land, water, skies, forest, mighty oceans – dammit we are even fighting for land on moon & mars! All other species that coexist with us are already living on the brink of bankruptcy of basic necessities. Least we could do is at-least not let them live in pain because of our recklessness.

So road racers please… Kindly drive responsibly – not only for many others living out in this world, also for you.

Thanking you for driving responsibly,
A human.

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