Book Review: Maya in search of Tantric father by Vipin Behari Goyal

Title: Maya in search of tantric father
Author: Vipin Behari Goyal
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Frog Publication
Publication Date: 2013
Length: 186 pages

My Rating: 3/5


maya - Vipin Behari Goyal
Maya – In search of Tantric Father

Blurb: ‘Maya in search of Tantric Father’ is a story of a young and pretty American girl, who is shocked to learn a secret from her deceased mother’s diary. Maya comes to India in search of her biological father, who was a Tantric. Out of sheer determination, she travels to many holy places in India, facing numerous difficulties, which any solo woman traveler would face in India. Some mysterious powers help, guide and protect her when she inadvertently walks into danger. Her spiritual pilgrimage is full of miracles and interesting encounters with a Philosopher, an Astrologer, an Ayurveda doctor, a Tantric, a Swami, a Professor, a Music maestro, and a bureaucrat. Some of them fall in love with her but she has no time to reciprocate. Her only mission is a search and she cannot afford any distractions. Could she find what she was searching for?


The book, “Maya in search of tantric father” is about the journey of an American girl in search of her biological Tantric father in India. When she gets to know about him by reading her mother’s diary, she makes a resolve to meet him in person. Armed with only the diary as a guide she travels many places and meets many people who may be connected to her parents.
Does she meet her father? Why did they decide to go their separate ways? Where does she begin and who can she ask for help? Read the book.

My Thoughts

There are not a lot of books we come across with a blend of Indian spiritualism and fiction. This book surprised in that regard. The author has explained spirituality and mysticism so beautifully that we get a strange feeling he has barely scratched the surface.
The colourful culture of our country is portrayed vividly through the eyes of Martha aka Maya. All the good and bad in it are painted without any judgement. Sometimes it feels like it’s too non-judgmental for a woman from other side of the cultural lifestyle. Also the travelogue in Martha’s voice is peppered with far too Indian-ness. But maybe we could strike it out in favour as she has a major in eastern philosophy. Still I felt a voice repeatedly “Hello, is she an American or what?”
We get to see familiar places with a different outlook. The storyline has a bite and the setting is exotic.  But after finishing the book I felt it could have better with a tighter writing. At many places where it should have been momentous, it simply falls flat. For its uniqueness and spiritualistic content it is well worth a read. I could sum it up as enlightening.

About the Author

Born (1954) and brought up in Ajmer, Rajasthan, Vipin Behari Goyal did his post-graduation in Botany followed by a degree in Law. After completing his education, he worked for a bank and then joined the Rajasthan Government where he presently works as a financial advisor. As a hobby, he hosted hundreds of foreigners from all over the world and now represents his country as an ambassador on cultural exchange website Couch surfing. His previous work includes a travelogue about Pushkar, Hindi poetry collection and a popular English novel “Tall man small shadow.”

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